Welcome to LifesCycle – Scotland’s first dedicated indoor cycling and Spinning® studio

The LifesCycle Team has created a space where people can Recycle their lives and cycle for Pleasure! Where people can feel relaxed and able to join in, where they will feel good, whatever their age, body shape, level of fitness or circumstances.

If you would like to know a little more about how LifesCycle came into being then this short introduction may be just what you need.

If you are ready to just dive in and start feeling great then go ahead and set up your account online and book a ride – because we believe you’ll love Spinning® with us we offer you your First Class FREE when you set up your account online. If you are new to Spinning® or just want some reassurance please either book a FREE Newbies Induction session or at least arrive for your first class 20 minutes or so early so we can help you get set up.

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Our Classes

Indoor Cycling is a group exercise class where participants ride a stationary bike to the rhythm of music and coaching of a class leader.

A 45 minute ride will burn an average of 500-800 calories. No matter what fitness level, anyone who can ride a bike can participate. But even if you have never ridden a bike or your current circumstances mean you cannot ride a bike on the open road you can still participate in indoor cycling in a safe and controlled environment. The rider controls the resistance, speed, and their overall exertion during the ride. Each rider can tailor the ride to their own particular fitness level and ability.

At LifesCycle we welcome everyone from seasoned cyclists to complete newbies and everyone in between. We have instructors geared to all levels and abilities.

For more about our classes please check our Classes page and for up to date details of classes and availability always check the online booking system.


We strongly recommend that before undertaking your first ever class with us that you have a FREE Newbies induction. This takes you through the process of setting-up a bike to suit your size and riding style and a run through of the moves, calls and prompts which you will use in a LifesCycle session. You can (and we highly recommend that you do) stay on for the class following your induction which you can book using your FREE credits.

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Our Prices

Rides are priced by credits which can be purchased through the booking system when you have set up an account which is quick and easy (and you get FREE credits for your first ride)


One Off 45min Ride £6.00 – 3 credits

One Off 60min Ride £8.00 – 4 credits

One Off 90/100min Ride £10.00 – 5 credits

Buy credits based on your budget

Package A £23.00 – 12 credits

Package B £35.00 – 20 credits

Package C £48.00 – 28 credits

Other packages and offers available – see here for further details

Great value packages for frequent riders – HOW ABOUT £12/WEEK FOR ALL THE RIDING YOU CAN DO – how much Spinning® does that buy you anywhere else – see here for further details

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Our Studio

Our instructors take care of everyone as if they are a member of a big family. Before each ride begins, they make sure everyone feels comfortable, knowledgeable, and set for success. LifesCycle will:

  • Create an ultra-safe environment with properly trained staff
  • Make the riding group friendly and unintimidating
  • Provide the new participant with instruction and encouragement
  • Ensure that the ‘fun factor’ is high
  • Offer amenities you might not find at your local gym, for example a DJ sound system pumping out the music that motivates you, atmospheric lighting and visuals to inspire and motivate you during the session