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HEART RATE ZONES  Our bikes are
How to find us
How to find us

72 Newhaven Road, Edinburgh EH6 5QG
T: 07536 013511

Work with the group, feel the energy, generate and keep your momentum


The bikes
At LifesCycle we have 40 Spinner® NXT bikes, manufactured by Star Trac®. The bikes combine user-focused features and a high degree of adjustability to deliver best-in-class performance for riders of all shapes, sizes and abilities. 


At LifesCycle we ensure that each and every one of you gets a full bike set-up and induction the first time you come to our studio, whether or not you are an experienced indoor our outdoor cyclist or a complete newbie. We encourage everyone to take the newbie class and learn about the Spinning® programme and the LifesCycle way. You will then be able to comfortably take part in any class you choose. Throughout your first few times at the studio, our experienced coaches and 'training buddies' will ensure that you are looked after, you are getting the best out of your ride, and are fully confident with your set up and riding position. The LifesCycle team is always on hand to help you with anything you need throughout and after the classes.

LifesCycle Etiquette

For your own enjoyment, health and safety, and also to preserve the way of life for all at LifesCycle, we have a few simple requests:


1. Please bring water and a towel. As important it is for you to mop your brow, having a towel ensures that the salt doesn’t cascade onto the bikes and shorten their hard-working lives. 


2. Give yourself time. If you are new to LifesCycle, even if you have been Spinning® before, please come along at least 10 -15 minutes before the start of the class. This will enable you to complete a health and safety form, but also to get an unrushed bike set up and short induction. In the interests of Health and Safety, we are sorry but we will not allow anyone new to indoor cycling to enter a class without this. Please fill in the health form accurately and truthfully as it is there to help you too.


3. Cross Talk – having a conversation during the warm up, while the class is in full swing, or particularly while we are in the cool down zone in many of

our more spiritual rides can be a bit of a distraction for other riders and the instructors. It's great to have a bit of participation, but please be mindful.



4. Kindness is Cool! Respect the riders on your left and right. Please treat the reception folks in the way you'd like them to treat you.


5. Respect the Pack! There is a direct link between your energy and that of those around you. If you want to do your own thing, please don't ride in the front row. If you are on the tall side, in the interests of health and safety - so that the instructor has everyone in the room in their sight - please try to grab a bike at the edge of the pack or at the back. Much appreciated. 


6. Come suitably attired. No loose ankle tracky bottoms please. It does get very hot in the studio, but please don't underdress – most riders prefer to cycle without distraction – and 'top off’' is not a good look! Wearing layers is a good plan, so that you can be comfortable and warm when finishing the class and going back outdoors.


Why are we different?
Our instructors take care of everyone as if they are a member of a big family. Before each ride begins, they make sure everyone feels comfortable, knowledgeable, and set for success.

LifesCycle will:
• Create an ultra-safe environment with properly trained staff.

• Make the riding group friendly and unintimidating.

• Provide the new participant with instruction and encouragement.

• Ensure that the 'fun factor' is high 

• Offer amenities you might not find at your local gym, for example a DJ sound system and lighting. It pumps out the music that motivates you to push yourself to new levels. 

Something for Everyone?
More and more people are looking to pay for experiences, rather than just products. Edinburgh LifeCycle will focus on providing each customer with an experience that will make them want to come back for more. Indoor cycling has a reputation for intensity – and it can be intense. But our classes will appeal to beginners, hard-core cyclists, and everyone in between. We train our instructors to coach riders to adapt their workout to their own experience and comfort level in a non-intimidating way.

You Get What You Pay For!
LifeCycle's hallmark is that there are no excess activities and the focus is on cycling and activities that are complementary to indoor cycling, which makes it more of a specialty shop and less of an all-inclusive business. We want to keep that 'home-spun' feeling to it and for people to be comfortable in our studio. We want them to feel like they know us.

The Personal Touch
Please do not hesitate to get in touch to ask advice about Spinning, LifesCycle or which classes would suit you. Send us an email and we’ll answer all your questions or phone/ text us and we’ll call you back.

We hope to be able to encourage community groups and people who may not normally have access to regular exercise for whatever reason to come in to the centre. We also have some additional bikes so could get out and about to  visit groups too. Again, if you have any ideas or contacts do pass them on.

Health and Wellbeing
The link between physical activity and physical health has long been known, but the link between physical activity and mental health has been less explored, until now. LifesCycle want to help in the Scottish Government's goals, particularly with the Games Legacy, to ensure that everyone, regardless of where they live, their age or income, is aware of ways to improve their mental health by participating in physical activity and sport.

LifesCycle hopes to help forge these links and invite all members of the community to join in rides which will relax, stimulate and energise each individual in their own way. It is hoped that we can help in the improvements people make to their mental health through getting active. LifesCycle is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of the community and hopes to be able to organize regular charity events to help raise the profile of such causes.

Group Training
We have had various groups already using the centre on a regular basis.




Originally founded by cycle guru Johnny G, Spinning® (indoor cycling), has gone from strength to strength. Read more about it here:

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