The Origins of LifesCycle

LifesCycle – a unique journey.

Scotland’s only dedicated Spinning® and Indoor Cycling Studio was created in 2009.

Inspired by our own research and visits to studios in Ibiza, Sicily and London…. we brought the original Spinning® space to Edinburgh in a cool, funky, urban studio with a real community feel. Our friendly, honest and down to earth team welcomes newbies, regulars and cyclists of all abilities too…. and helps folks to attain a great sense of mental and physical health and wellbeing.

LifesCycle founders Andy and Jeannie Hunter and the rest of the team believe every LifesCycle rider contributes to the dream and the journey every time they take part in classes at the Bonnington Bridge Studio. The idea that riders hook into the journey and create their own is what LifesCycle is all about. To feel inspired and motivated to tap into their own groove, their own experience, in a friendly and safe environment.

The team are constantly drawing on their own life experiences and skills and melding them together, to turn that initial dream of taking indoor cycling to a new level into the unique experience that is LifesCycle.