Our Prices

Rides are priced by credits which can be purchased through the booking system when you have set up an account which is quick and easy (and you get FREE credits for your first ride)

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One Off 45min Ride £6.00 – 3 credits

One Off 60min Ride £8.00 – 4 credits

One Off 90/100min Ride £10.00 – 5 credits


Buy credits based on your budget
Package A £23.00 – 12 credits

Package B £35.00 – 20 credits

Package C £48.00 – 28 credits

Concession Packages

Student/Senior Package B
£28.00 – 18 credits
(Please notify us on purchasing this package for the first time – Student/Senior ID REQUIRED on arrival)

Club Package B
£28.00 – 20 credits
(Please ask to ensure agreed before purchasing for the first time – Club discount is only given for previously agreed groups)

Special Packages & Offers

From time to time we offer special packages in association with events or promotions – please keep an eye out for these.

Buy Credits


Great value packages for frequent riders – please contact us direct for the following:

6 Month Option

If you know that you are able to come along for a 6 month period then this is great value, giving you all the classes you can eat plus of course the great LifesCycle vibe – £49 a month (if you pay by standing order) – YES THAT’S JUST £12/WEEK FOR ALL THE RIDING YOU CAN DO – how much Spinning® does that buy you anywhere else?