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Our instructors take care of everyone as if they are a member of a big family. Before each ride begins, they make sure everyone feels comfortable, knowledgeable, and set for success.

Andy Hunter AKA The Huntz

Andy has been fitness enthusiast all his life and has a passion for music and loves to create his own blend of uplifting and energetic music for the studio. Any has concentrated on building a unique type of ride with an emphasis on a more holistic approach. Any has worked in movement and drama for young people with disabilities and brings new skills and enthusiasm to all those he comes in contact with.

Barry Ross

Barry has been a Spinning® Master Instructor for the UK & Ireland Team for over 8 years and joins us all the way from Ayr to share his passion for Spinning® with everyone at LifesCycle. Barry has a real sporting background and has played football for a number of teams including Hearts, Falkirk & Stirling Albion as well as qualifying as a Fitness Professional. Through Spinning® Barry became hooked on cycling and he now enjoys a few sportive a year to transfer his Spinning® prowess to the road.


Obsessed with bikes since teenage years, Ben enjoys many forms of cycling. He loves events and road trips, taking part in The 2 Day London to Edinburgh Flat Race, Cyclocross Sportives, Road Sportives and mountain biking in the Sierra Nevada mountains. With a young family, LifesCycle has been ideal to fit in cycling around family commitments. As a qualified instructor since 2014, Ben is bringing together his passion for cycling and music to create a class with intensity that draws inspiration from a range of outdoor cycling terrains and experiences.


Passionate about energising and encouraging people, Eloise started spin early 2017 at LifesCycle and hasn’t looked back since. Working in food and drink PR during the day and burning off all the excess energy at night, counting spinning, dancing, fencing, weightlifting and drinking lots of coffee amongst some of her favourite things to do. See you in class soon!

Jeannie Hunter

Eight years ago Jeannie and Andy discovered the Spinning® programme, an intense high-energy workout on an indoor cycle with invigorating music – the perfect keep fit combination. Jeannie is particularly keen to work with newbies and those less confident about themselves to discover the benefits of exercise. She prefers to work alongside people, help, advise and inform – regardless of body shape or age you can build confidence and be happy with you!

James Mason

About 15 years ago I joined an Edinburgh gym in an effort to regain some fitness, lost to the usual culprits of long working hours and pre-family social life. I’d describe my typical class structure as simply trying to replicate some of the conditions you might encounter out on the road. This means some of the efforts might be a bit longer and aim to simulate techniques such as “through-and-off”, interspersed with more intense efforts as we go over short hills or sprint out of corners.


Marianne has been instructing and coaching in the fitness industry for over 20 years, this includes lots of group exercise classes as well as spin sessions. Over the past few years She has been setting up and developing her my own Bootcamp sessions down at Leith Links Links Fitness. She loves spinning and has been a regular at the studio for a few years – Marianne loves putting together and teaching sessions for LifesCycle…whether it be her own early morning or covering for some of the other sessions.

Joining the Roster Soon

New instructors bringing their enthusiasm and style to LifesCycle classes soon.

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We’re always on the the look-out for new LifeCycle trainers. As a qualified instructor, Andy H, can teach you how to get the best from yourself and how to motivate and inspire your class. You may have a specific group you want to work with, get in touch and we can work to build our growing team.